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Why Nursery Rhymes are Important?

Who did not have memorized a single nursery rhymes as a child? It must be too old but you can still hear it nowadays. In a modern time, larger books and colorful illustrations are being presented in nursery rhymes.

After many years of existence, I bet you can still remember to recite the nursery rhymes you had learned ever since you are a baby. It is very significant in developing the child’s ability to read. Why are nursery rhymes and old tales important?

It is important in language development.
In order for children at their early age to learn vocabularies and speak full sentences, have them learn and speak a nursery rhyme. To be able to learn the basic language patterns and structures of the language English, a child should learn a nursery rhyme. When children pick up on the language rhythm, they can develop an appreciation to poetry. Before the children will be able to understand the meaning of the statement, they will have to repeatedly hear the statement as well. It will be great if the child will read or recite a nursery loudly so that he or she will be exposed to the rhythm, and the correct way of reading or pronouncing each word of the sentence.

Vocabulary development can also be achieved through learning nursery rhymes.

Singing or reading nursery rhymes can be a great help in enhancing the child’s vocabulary. For example, the words twinkle and wonder are complex words in a nursery song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. These are example of words that will be heard by the children which are not usually used on a daily basis. A child’s learning to read can be because their exposure to new words and concepts.

Learning nursery rhymes can enhance cognitive development of children.
Singing nursery rhymes is a great way to enhance a child’s ability to recall or memorize information. Singing and learning the nursery rhymes repeatedly can also enhance the child’s ability to practice with the event sequencing. Most of the nursery rhymes have beginning, middle and ending. It helps in enhancing the child’s ability to tell the story in sequence. As long as the child retells the story in a sequential manner, it is okay if he or she does not verbalize the exact words written in the book.

If you haven’t have the book of nursery rhymes yet, you can purchase now so you can now teach your child about it. It would be so much fun if you read nursery rhymes and learn it together with your child. You can teach your child nursery rhymes whenever you are together and it is very convenient and effortless. You just have to be patient for your child to learn.

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